To spread relevant news and information regarding the social and political situation in Belarus outside the country and make the global community aware of human rights violations, violence and other crimes against civilians taking place in Belarus.


Voices from Belarus is a project created in July 2020 by a group of volunteers. Initially born with the aim to show the persecution of political opponents and their supporters during the pre-election period, the project has furtherly moved its focus on the stories of people whose life was affected by the events that followed the elections of August 9.


Voices From Belarus is a news source that translates and publishes the most important news from Belarus for a foreign audience.

Why are we effective?

For a year now, Voices from Belarus has been working with volunteers who search for information, translate it into English, proofread and edit texts, prepare visuals and edit videos. The team that is working on Twitter feels like they never sleep :)

Hight Quality Information

Our team selects quality information only from reliable sources. The Voices team has extensive experience in analyzing and finding information.

Rapid Reaction & Process

We operate in the Live format. As we constantly follow the Belarusian news feed from various sources and our team is ready to process the information 24/7.


Voices is followed by serious official organizations, embassies, presidents’ offices, politicians, EU institutions and journalists. For example, among Voices followers are: The UK Embassy in Minsk, Deutsche Welle, PLinNATO, Office of the president of Latvia, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, MFA of Lithuania and many others.
Individual Approach
Voices takes a different approach to publishing news and events. Twitter platform operates in the Live format. Thus, information that just has appeared becomes available in English almost instantly. While Instagram's publications are described in detail, which gives the reader a more detailed picture of what is happening in Belarus.